Twitter Poem #3: Thanksgiving



Thanks to @damnitstrue, @iKeepItTooReal, @Change, @AgnesphAgnes, @brittanyahansen, @itsbadluck1d, @washingtonpost, @liam_munro, @KassidyCook1, and @HuffingtonPost for the tweets that made this poem.

Thanks to @Acehood for the image.

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Twitter Poem #2: Election Day

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Floridians waited in line for 7+ hours

Gov. Rick Scott

FL Gov Scott

But Gov. Rick Scott

in Florida came out looking like the worst

why he didn’t extend early voting


Share your voting experience

on #LGBT issues
pro-Obama Priorities
#green initiatives

Welcome to the home of the brave!

Thanks to @RedDawnFilm (sponsored tweet), @PaulBegala@practicallygrn, ‏@DRUDGE_REPORT@pamspaulding,


@thinkprogress, and @dylan_saunders for helping write this week’s poem.

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Twitter Poem #1: Hurricane Sandy

This is my dad
like a Jewish
The crisis sweeps north
             sweeps north

catastrophic, pure devastation
One Local Business Survived

Increase in #MobileDonations
would have intercepted it

1 million in Haiti
          A great list

Jimmy Fallon Encounters Lindsay Lohan
       we need cross-disciplinary knowledge

I make art collectively.  I like to practice taking seemingly random ideas from various people and putting them together to make something brand new.  Here’s how I created this, my first “Twitter Poem.”

  1. Searched “Hurricane Sandy.”
  2. Copied the first 10 tweets that came up in my feed into a new blank note.
  3. Underlined at least 1 phrase from every tweet that spoke to me in some way.
  4. Used every one of the underlined phrases.  The key is to force yourself to use them all.  That is part of the challenge and part of the fun.
  5. Moved them around on the page until I liked what was there.

This poem was written with the help of @FillWerrell@HuffPostEdu@marcapitman,
@cnnbrk@THR, and @JeffDSachs

Now, it’s your turn.  I would love to see what you come up with.