Are you an artist or maker who teaches and inspires others to be their most creative selves?

Do you want to change the world with your work?

Are you ready to lead that change?

AND…do you want to make good money doing it?

Then, perhaps, you are a Teaching Artist Entrepreneur!

As a teaching artist, you have already been thrust into the position of self-employed worker. You are out there on your own, fighting the good fight. You are balancing your art-making and your teaching. You are working in a variety of settings. You are figuring out how all of it fits together in one cohesive, satisfying, and fruitful life.

I know that many of us are intimidated by what it takes it be effective in business.  As artists, we may feel like we’re not good with money or we are uncomfortable promoting ourselves. All of these fears and mental blocks make total sense. Society has been pretty cruel to artists. It tells us that we are ineffective dreamers. It tells us that we can’t make a living doing what we love.

But, there is good news. First, we don’t have to believe these messages. And second, we don’t have to run our businesses the same way everyone else does. Just because some guy with an MBA tells you there is one way to promote your work or one way to manage your money doesn’t mean that you have to believe him.

As teaching artists, we know that there are always multiple paths to solving a problem. Now, let’s work together to figure out the path that work best for you and build your business.

In “The Teaching Artist Entrepreneur” online course you will:

  • Discover your purpose and mission as an entrepreneur
  • Develop a business that works for your passion, lifestyle, and bank account
  • Learn all the steps you need to “set up shop” as a business structure
  • Get the tools and systems that will help you work efficiently and effectively
  • Join a community of other teaching artists who are daring to make their entrepreneur dreams come true

“The Teaching Artist Entrepreneur” is taught by Lynn Johnson:

magazine headshot square editLynn Johnson is a social entrepreneur, girl advocate, and co-founder/CEO of the company that produces Go Girls! Camp, an innovative and highly popular summer camp where girls learn and practice social/emotional skills through the arts.  Founded in 2008 when 17 girls came together to make a play in a church basement in Oakland, CA, Go Girls! has grown into a movement to be reckoned with – serving hundreds of girls each summer in five different locations.

This year, Lynn celebrates her 25th anniversary as a theater teaching artist, having worked all over the country with people of all ages using theater as a tool for personal transformation and community development.  Lynn regularly works as a facilitator, speaker, workshop leader, and consultant in the areas of girls education, youth development, arts education, social/emotional learning, and creative entrepreneurship. Lynn serves on the National Advisory Board of Teaching Artists Guild, an organization committed to promoting the visibility and impact of teaching artists to make change in schools and communities.

She lives in Oakland, CA with her wife and daughter.

“The Teaching Artist Entrepreneur” premieres on May 21st

The cost of the course is $499.

BUT, if you are a paid member of Teaching Artists Guild (TAG), you the price is cut to $249.

Interested in becoming a member of TAG, join here.

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