About My Work

Here are the questions that guide all of my work:

How do we support ourselves and each other to lead happy, meaningful, and fulfilling lives?

How do we do this together despite our different cultures, genders, races, backgrounds, etc.?

What are all of the ways that we can share time and space to make this happen?

What are all of the things that get in the way of this happening?

When we figure out what works, how can we spread those ideas so that they make a real impact?

In my work, I am dedicated to helping people (including myself) learn the skills we need to lead happy, meaningful, fulfilling lives interdependently and successfully.


My work manifests itself in the following ways:

  • Devising and directing original plays with real folks that connect, educate, and inspire
  • Developing and facilitating innovative courses, workshops, camps, and retreats for adults, youth, and children (and a combo of the above)
  • Writing pieces and speaking to groups about the power community and compassion and how to access them thorough the arts and play
  • Starting, leading, and advising creative projects and small businesses designed to address social issues
  • Creating and managing marketing campaigns designed to engage meaningful participation instead of passive consumption
  • Planning and managing small and large-scale productions and events that celebrate both our differences & our connections

This website is the platform to showcase my own projects, to share your projects and ideas, and hopefully start some collaborations together.


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