Twitter Poem #2: Election Day

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Floridians waited in line for 7+ hours

Gov. Rick Scott

FL Gov Scott

But Gov. Rick Scott

in Florida came out looking like the worst

why he didn’t extend early voting


Share your voting experience

on #LGBT issues
pro-Obama Priorities
#green initiatives

Welcome to the home of the brave!

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Mini Play #1: The Old White Guy & Me

Setting: The check-out line at Walgreen’s; 51st Street and Telegraph; Oakland
The Characters: Me and The Old White Guy (OWG)
The Scene:
The OWG tries to pass Me in line.  Me, not sure what the OWG is trying to pull, looks him in the face.  

OWG: Excuse me. I am in the wrong line. I am just trying to get out of here.
Me: No problem.

Pause.  Just a beat.  But, in this beat, Me is able to move her look from his face to his entire body.  She sees a man in ratty pants and a sweater almost the same color.  That special military green.  The color of hard work and sacrifice.  As her eyes land on his boots, black and unapologetic, Me can confirm that this man has more important things to worry about than being in the line at Walgreen’s.

OWG: It’s a great day, isn’t it?
Me: Yes. Yes, it is.
OWG: We just sent that asshole back to his 1%!

Laughter from Me – almost as if she is tossing the laughter into the air so that OWG can catch it. He does.  They hold the laughter together between them for one more beat before OWG exits the store.  Me is left in line, still smiling.

The End.

Wanna Escape Crazy Town? Do Something. Or Do Nothing.

Last night, my companions were the prime time line-up of MSNBC.  I had made my way through The Ed Show and Rachel Maddow and by the time I arrived at Lawrence O’Donnell, my wife came home from a lovely dinner with a friend to find me balled up in the corner of the couch with my head half hidden under shirt.

“Wow.  You okay?”

“No.  I can’t stop watching the news.” Continue reading

How to Connect When You Disagree

Most of us Americans are waking up pretty uneasy this morning.  Not only are we still adjusting to the time change, we are also on edge about the state of election.  Tomorrow night, half the country (or, I guess a little less than half) is gonna be mad as hell that their guy didn’t win.  And, as we know, we are living in such a bi-partisan culture (blue vs. red, us vs. them) that we have no real idea how to live with each other who don’t agree with us. Continue reading

How & Why to Push Through Election Day Overwhelm

Yesterday, my mailbox was full of campaign pamphlets.  Granted, I had been away from home for a few days.  I was down in Palo Alto caring for my nieces while my brother and sister-in-law were out of town.  But still.  I just left Friday.  I returned Monday.  We all know that mail doesn’t come on Sunday.  And there were 18 separate pieces of campaign mail in my box last night.  Election Day is a week from today and, honestly, I can’t wait for it to be over. Continue reading