Wanna Escape Crazy Town? Do Something. Or Do Nothing.

Last night, my companions were the prime time line-up of MSNBC.  I had made my way through The Ed Show and Rachel Maddow and by the time I arrived at Lawrence O’Donnell, my wife came home from a lovely dinner with a friend to find me balled up in the corner of the couch with my head half hidden under shirt.

“Wow.  You okay?”

“No.  I can’t stop watching the news.”

I needed some help.  I posted this on Facebook.

Most of the comments I received were people empathizing with me since they were doing exactly the same thing.  But there were two comments that stood out.

Make calls at move on instead. You can do it from home.


Relax and think, rather, of something you love.

This is how I interpret these 2 comments:

When we are tripped into Crazy Town, for any reason, we are not DOING anything.  We are pure anxiety.  Spinning out of control.  There is no foundation under us.  No purpose.  But we have a choice, a way out of Crazy Town.  We can DO Something. Or, we can DO Nothing.  Either one works.

I didn’t read these wise comments until this morning.  Last night, I continued to spin out of control for a bit before I did the dishes,  read a little and fell asleep.  So, I guess I did do something.  Right now, I will DO a lot of SOMETHING and a lot of NOTHING…all day…back and forth…to stay grounded.

First, I vote.  Join me.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood wave banners during a rally for President Obama in Charlotte, N.C., on Sept. 4, ahead of the opening of the Democratic National Convention.
Mladen Antonov / AFP/Getty Images


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