Everywhere We Blame the Mothers

On this Mother’s Day, I can’t help but think of a conversation I was in recently about girls and self-esteem where I was stunned by how much blame we put on the mothers.   Blaming the mothers for saying and doing and wearing things that “negatively impact a girl’s self esteem,” is pretty much the same thing as blaming the girls themselves.  I kept wanting to scream, “Can’t you see how women and girls are affected by the very same system?!?” Women say and do those things because we have all been brought up in a society that rejects the feminine….teaching us lies…teaching us that strong traits-like care and connection and compassion- are actually weak.  This is confusing and hurtful and is the real source of negative impact on our girls…and our boys.  This is the reason we have such a compassion deficit.

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On this Mother’s Day, I have written this poem for our mothers.

Below is the text of the poem…would love to hear what think.
What would our society look like if we actually praised mothers instead of blaming them?


we blame the mothers

mere humans

with the hardest job on earth

It’s so fun to pick

at their flaws

judge their choices

“I can’t believe anyone would do that…


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