The 4 things to keep in mind when doing art for social change

I do this work of teaching artistry in order to make a difference in the world.  Don’t you? And I am constantly learning how to do it better.  So yesterday, when I had the honor and privilege to “hang out” online with 3 women I admire very much – Sarah Crowell, Elia Gurna, and Kai Fierle-Hedrick – I was thrilled how much I got to learn from each of them about why this work is so important and how they go about it in their organizations and communities.

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Thinking About Lost History & Cocktails on Memorial Day

A Memorial Day blog post should be about fun and friends and amazing summer cocktails to serve at your barbeque. I get it. And I do have a cocktail that I’m eager to share with you. I promise. But first, let’s just take a second this Memorial Day morning to pay tribute to the fallen. I don’t just mean the fallen soldiers. This morning, I am thinking about the billions of folks whose stories have fallen away from our history.  READ THE FULL POST ON PLENTY OF ICE>>>