Example of Artists in the Lead: Amelia Hutchison

“In the rest of the jail, E Section is famous for being ‘luxurious’ in comparison. Our students have more time outside their cells, board games in the common room, art and yoga classes… but along with those privileges comes the expectation that they will be a part of a more intentional community. They need to be for each other and for healthy rehabilitation…Every so often I will stand back and realize how surreal this place is. I think that real magic happens when art is made is unlikely places, but more importantly I think everyone involved is confronted with their common humanness.”

Imagine an entire prison system based on the values of E section.  What would it do to the recidivism rate?  What would it do for the overall health and well-being of young men of color?  What could we do to make this happen?

Read Togetherness in Unlikely Places by Amelia Hutchison>>>


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