Girls and STEM: 3 Reasons We Are Going About This the Wrong Way

This year, everyone’s talking about STEM.  Specifically how we can get our girls thinking about  science,technology ,engineering and mathematics. And it’s worth talking about. No doubt there are plenty of jobs out there for computer programmers in the global economy – and not many women are currently taking them. This government report shows that women, although 50% of the workforce, make up less than 25% of STEM-related jobs.

But here’s my problem: While there are great products and services coming out of the STEM-for-girls revolution – like GoldieBlox, a building toy meant to inspire girls’ interest and confidence in engineering — many gender-equality advocates are failing to make any real difference because they are trying to fix girls rather than support them. Also, I can’t help but think that by marginalizing the arts, we are also marginalizing women’s culture – and their labor.

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It’s the End of the World. Time to Tell YOUR Story.

The young artists of Project Level

It’s 12-12-12.  Some of us think today is a lucky day.  Some of us think the world will end.  People are getting married and having parties and generally trying to find ways to live up to this auspicious date.  Like humans do better than any other life form on the planet, we are making meaning.  Good.  We should be.  I suggest making today the day that you step out – bold, brave, and authentic – and tell the world your story.  If you need a bit more explanation and inspiration, as always, we should turn to our youth. Continue reading