Why Saturday Mornings might be the key to Happier, Healthier Kids

Saturday mornings still remind me of cartoons.  Yes, even though I am a grown woman, I still wake up on Saturday mornings and want to run straight to the TV.  When I was a kid, I remember being so proud of the fact that I was born on a Saturday morning.  At 8:07am.  I would exclaim,  “I was born during Super Friends!,” since that is what I ALWAYS watched during the 8 o’clock hour EVERY Saturday on ABC.  (Actually, now that I google it, the show didn’t start until 1973 and I was born in 1972 so…I must dispel the whole lore of my birth…damn…)

We are always trying to figure out what makes “kids these days” so much more…well, you fill in the blank…entitled; unfocused; fat…than we were as kids.  Well, the answer is this: Kids simply work to adapt to the culture that they are growing up in.  That’s their job.  That’s what kids have  done since the beginning of forever.  So, if we provide them an entitled, unfocused, and fat culture, that is what our kids will adapt to. Continue reading