How a TV fast will improve my Social Health

Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman portrayed by Aaron Paul.

Last week, after having watched 3 seasons of Breaking Bad in 3 weeks on Netflix, my partner and I decided that we needed a month-long TV fast.  We did this 2 years ago around this time of year and it was incredibly effective.  We noticed that we were happier, were more productive, and generally more peaceful. But a lot has happened over the last couple of years and TV has crept back in.  I will admit, it is a big crutch for me, a drug of choice, when other areas of my life are big and scary.  But, like my meth-head friends on Breaking Bad, it doesn’t actually make me feel very good. Continue reading


The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need

Repeat after me:

“In 2013, I resolve to love all the children of the world as if they are my own children.”

There you go.  You now have the only New Year’s Resolution you need.  You’re welcome.

When you look at a list of popular American New Year’s resolutions, I am sure you can relate to them.  Most of them have been on my list at least once.  And, the resolution I am offering you is not meant to replace any of these.  It’s meant to re-frame them.  Let me ask you: Why do we want to get fit and drink less and finally get our messy finances in order?  Too often, we make these resolutions for the reason – I am not a good enough person and this is the year when I will finally be a good person.  This is a sucky reason.  Plus, it’s not true.  You are already good enough.  I am already good enough.  And, as individuals, we are all doing the best we can. Continue reading